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Gabor Boczko

Gabor Boczko, attended the 2012 IFC camp before becoming a World Champion in 2013. He is an established fencer in the top ranks of the world, and most recently an Olympian attending the Rio 2016 games.

Erika Kirpu

Erika Kirpu, A Member of the Estonian Olympic Team, is ranked 16th in the World in Women’s Epee.

Anna Salminen

Anna Salminen of Finland, is highly Ranked amongst Finish Fencers. She Fences Regularly in European and World Competitions. Most recently winning a World Competition Bronze Medal in October 2015.

Sara Salminen

Sara Salminen, a rising star Epee fencer from Finland. Participates in Junior European competitions regularly.


Carlos Lopez (Mexico)

Junior Men’s Foil,3rd Place Badawi Challenge,Austin(TX)

Sophia McGoff (Puerto Rico)

Women’s Foil,2nd Place Nittany Lion Cup Open,Penn State University(PA)

Luis Moya (Mexico)

Y14 Men’s Foil,6th Place Badawi Challenge,Austin(TX)

Angel Daniel Calva (Mexico)

Y14 Men’s Foil,CFC Foil Tournament,2nd Place,Baltimore (MD)


Carlos Lopez (Mexico)

Men’s Foil Div2 Senior 10th Place Fairfax Challenge ROC-Region 6 & Vet,College Park (MD)

Jose Ignacio McGoff (Puerto Rico)

U16 Mixed Foil, 1st Place Martinelli Challenge 5of5,Fairfax,(VA)

Angel Daniel Calva (Mexico)

Senior Men’s Foil Div2, 1st Place Fairfax Challenge ROC-Region 6&Vet.College Park (MD)

Nicholas Salvatore Gaviria Espinosa (Columbia)

Senior Men’s Foil Div1A, 3rd Place Kick Off ROC,Fredericksburg Expo Center,Fredericksburg,(VA).


Katherine Roa Rodriguez

Senior Mixed Epee, 18th Richmond’s Tune-up Open,Richmond Fencing Club: Richmond,(VA).


Lorena Maria Arno
Frederico Baraldi
Andrea Breteau
Ignacio Breteau
Alberto De Matteo
Riccardo Di Tommaso
Jacobo Marini


Sophia Weitbrecht (Germany)
Moritz Weitbrecht (Germany)
Truczan Gyorgy (Hungary)
Robert Gatai (Hungary)
Andrea Vallosio (Italy)
Zoltan Hricz (Hungary)
Andras Peterdi (Hungary)
Aron Friedrich (Hungary)
Gabor Boczko (Hungary)
Andras Redli (Hungary)
Somfai Peter (Hungary)
​Krisztina Somfai (Hungary)


June “Summer” Camp
Florina Plachta (Germany)
Rudolf Haller (Germany)
Richard Schmidt (Germany)
Nikolaus Bodoczi (Germany)
Daniel Sandmann (Germany)
Abigail Stech (Germany)
Andras Peterdi (Hungary)
Zoltan Hricz (Hungary)
Anna Salminen (Finland)
Verneri Vesterinen (Finland)
Pontus Hutunen (Finland)
Balint Eszter (Finland)

Fall Fencers
Andras Peterdi (Hungary)
Aron Friedrich (Hungary)