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Mohamed Elsayed

Patrick Groc

Patrick Groc is a distinguished athlete known for his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the sport. He has consistently demonstrated his prowess with the foil, from securing multiple championships in regional competitions to representing France on the Olympic stage three times. In 1984, Groc took home the Bronze medal in team competition at the Summer Olympic Games. 

Patrick’s disciplined approach to training is a testament to his passion for constant improvement and mastery of fencing. Patrick’s commitment to excellence continues to inspire young fencers around the world.

Ivan Trevejo

Iván Trevejo is a Cuban-born French fencer, silver Olympic medallist in 1996 and team world champion in 1997 for Cuba. He earned a team bronze medal for France in 2013.He won a silver medal in the individual épée event at the 1996 Summer Olympics and a bronze in the team event at the 2000 Summer Olympics for Cuba. He made world team champion at the 1997 World Fencing Championships in Cape Town and placed third in the team event of the 1999 World Fencing Championships in Seoul.

Rolando Tucker

Rolando Tucker is a Cuban former fencer. He won a bronze medal in the team foil event at the 1996 Summer Olympics. He won the 1994 World Championships.

Now, he shares his knowledge and passion with you. In his classes, you will learn the techniques and strategies that helped him on his way to top competition.

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  • Personalised training
  • Improved technique
  • Tactical skills
  • Physical resistance
  • Concentration and focus
  • Discipline and perseverance
  • Competition preparation
  • High technical planning

Alex Wood

Coach Wood has been involved in the sport of fencing for over nearly 30 years, including as a competitor, coach, and leader within the United States Fencing Association. Coach Wood has been a fencing coach in Northern Virginia area for the past 12 years, providing group instruction, private foil lessons, and strip coaching students at national and international tournaments. His students have gone on to attend and compete at NCAA schools, including Stanford, John’s Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and Penn State.

As a competitor, he trained at the Rochester Fencing Centre (RFC) from 1987-1996 under Nat Goodhartz (primary coach) and Buckie Leach. Thereafter, he competed at Stanford University under Zoran Tulum, Lisa Milgram, Alex Kuznetsov, and George Pogosov where he was three-time NCAA All-American and Captain of the Stanford Fencing Team. His main accomplishments include being a multiple U.S. Junior Olympic Champion in Foil, finalist in numerous U.S. national tournaments, and a 5-time U.S. team member at the World Championships. During this time, he attended numerous World Cups representing the United States. In addition to competing, he was an athlete representative on the US Fencing Board of Directors, Chair of the Athlete Council, Chair of the National Team Oversight Committee, Chair of the Membership Growth Task Force, and participated in many other US Fencing committees. He stopped competing in 2005 to attend law school at the University of Oregon.

Philippe Pautrat

Highly experienced and accomplished French fencing coach with proven track record of training and developing champions. Skilled in strategy development, technique instruction, and motivation to achieve desired results.